Stock exchanges 2019: where and how to invest next year

Deutsche Bank focuses on 2019 forecasts on global economy, European exchanges, Wall Street and commodities

Where to invest in 2019? Which raw materials to buy? What are the forecasts on the stock market trends in 2019? What will be the best bags? All these questions were answered by Deutsche Bank with a long analysis.   That focuses on the best investment strategies for the next year . Before analyzing what should be bought in 2019 , analysts have drawn the coordinates of what, with all probability, will be the sentiment of the markets next year. According to analysts of the German bank, 2019 will be characterized by a growth at a slower pace than the current one and by the presence of a series of elements that could destabilize the reference context.

Among the causes of possible criticality Deutsche Bank cites the ever-present Brexitand the equally ever-present tension between Italy and the European Union. The only real news for what concerns the critical elements for the next year is the lukewarm approach that German analysts show they have against the US-China trade war . According to Goldman Sachs, the tariff war will not worsen but will instead evolve towards an agreement between the parties.

In general, talking about 2019 handouts forecasts , Deutsche Bank has shown a certain optimism. No great disaster will therefore hit the global markets even if it is always advisable to maintain a certain caution in your approach.

Ecomomia forecasts 2019

According to Deutsche Bank in 2019 there will be no global recession. Crisis yes but no cataclysm on the fundamental global macro. Speaking of figures, German analysts theorize for a global growth of 3.8 percent for 2019 . The United States will continue to drive the next year as well, which is expected to continue at the same pace as in 2018. Conversely, as regards economic forecasts for Europe in 2019, Deutsche Bank sees an economic slowdown. Experts, however, urge not to dramatize because Europe will still be able to withstand the expected narrowing of monetary policy by the ECB.

In other words, there should be no dramatic effects from the end of the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing plan. Wanting to express an overall opinion on the 2019 economic forecasts .  It can be said that the US will give way while Europe will continue to struggle.

Wall Street forecasts 2019

Despite the uncertainties of Wall Street in the last month , the forecast on the US stock exchange in 2019 is positive. According to Deutsche Bank, in fact, Wall Street still boasts further upside potential. According to German experts, support for the stock market will also come from the growth in corporate earnings. But be careful not to be carried away by easy enthusiasm. The Wall Street 2019 forecasts are positive but the risk that there are broad bearish phases is high.

European stocks 2019 forecasts

If the tensions between Italy and Europe were to end and if on the Brexit one finally had to reach an agreement.   Then the European 2019 exchange forecasts would improve. This is the point of view of Deutsche Bank analysts according to which theGerman DAX has a target of 12,300 points by the end of 2019, with a potential increase of around 9% compared to current courses. But be careful not to consider European bags synonymous with the Frankfurt stock exchange. Indeed, there are also occasions on other Eurozone equity markets.

Raw materials forecasts 2019

 We are talking about 2019 raw material forecasts . The advice that analysts give for the next year is to focus on adequate stock picking. The strategic goal is to choose the assets that can guarantee the best return. The price of oil, therefore, should increase in the coming months.

The prospect of DB on the gold quotation is completely different . According to experts, yellow gold has lost its value as a safe haven even if a possible slight appreciation from current courses can not be ruled out. Among the metals, however, preference goes to other assets starting from silver . G

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