Wall Street is also to be preferred in 2019

Wall Street

Where to invest in 2019? The odds continue to be in favor of Wall Street.

From a macroeconomic point of view, based on predictive data, there are no dangers either from inflation and from growth and despite a possible slowdown in the economic situation.

Instead, the purpose of this article is to highlight a scenario based only on a     statistical  study .

Annual scenario and forecast for Wall Street

Based on time series and probability calculations, investing in US markets is likely to lead 89% to positive returns for next year.

By mid-February, the annual minimum should be marked, while the maximum in mid-December.

Average expected return of 16.4% with a standard deviation of 13.2%.

Forecast fractal on a daily scale for 2019 of the American markets

What are the price values ​​to monitor and what are the reversal points?

Let’s analyze the most represented stock indexes on the American markets.

Wall Street price indexes and projections for the year 2019

Dow Jones

Raise Trend

area of ​​minimum 24.960 / 26.000

area of ​​maximum 28,500 / 29,400

Reverse point: 23.338

Nasdaq C.

Raise Trend

minimum area 7,281 / 7,750

area of ​​maximum 8,800 / 9,321

Reverse point: 6.621

S&P 500

Raise Trend

area of ​​minimum 2.718 / 2.829

area of ​​maximum 3,100 / 3,255

Reversal point: 2.525

Projections year 2019 for Wall Street_Conclusions

Except for strong declines in December that could change the forecasts, the year 2019 should represent a further moment for the rise of the American markets. In the first 40 days of open stock exchange projects are projected to leave room for up until the end of the year.

By mid-February, the projected minimum annual area should be centered. The maximum area towards the end of the year.

What to wait for other international markets?

The correlations with Wall Street are about 76% and therefore their journey will be more or less identical.

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