Bitcoin forecast for 2019

A 2018 to forget for the Bitcoin as for most cryptocurrencies.

In these times, in 2017, Btc was the new Eldorado of finance with the first confirmation of what would have been its record price at the limit of 20 thousand dollars. Today, after an exact year, the queen of virtual coins does not come to 3.376 dollars with the last loss, arrived Friday, equal to 8% in 24 hours.Numbers in hand you can not help but notice that the prices have fallen by 86.92% from the highs of January with a parallel collapse of the volumes of trade.

Bitcoin was a legend last year

Things are not better for the other two in terms of market capitalization Ripple and Ether collapsed by 10.16% and 15.56% respectively. It is therefore a market characterized by a strong downward trend and, moreover, being driven by retail sales, it is also prey to strong fluctuations. For this reason it is difficult to find any possibility of forecasts for 2019.

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Cryptotrading: + 50% in 2019

To this we must also add another decisive factor: since there are no leading drivers on the horizon it is easy to assume that this trend continues throughout 2019. Yet, despite what we can believe, for the next year there is a 50% criptotrading growth

The picture drawn by the Satis Group, author of the analysis, reveals that the two weaknesses of the sector are: how to exchange the crypts in a manner and how to keep them safe from theft. But to make things easier in the coming months will be two turning points: the increase in institutional interest and the spread in retail thanks to the use of apps. Hence the increase in participation, in turn, favored by the multiplication of decentralized exchanges that currently represent only a small part of trading volumes.

The question Etf

Beyond the Satis Group’s report, however, many have asked for the possibility of exploiting adjuvant solutions, as in the case of classical finance. An instrument invoked by many parties, the ETF, has yet to find confirmation. To be precise, it confirms the transparency of a sector that has often been accused of being a tool for receiving stolen goods and illicit operations. The SEC has stated that the birth of an ETF would be possible only after the demonstration of crypto markets not subject to manipulation. Not only that, but to be regulated will, or rather should also be the entire ICO universe. In short, a redefinition that starts from the basics and that will take time.

Cryptocurrencies Graphical analysis and Trend

The month of December, as per our analysis, had to start on the highs and close to the lows. We believe it is unlikely that we will see a bullish reversal on a weekly and monthly basis.

The medium and long-term graphic structure is bearish, except for Ripple.

At the moment if you do not change something from the current levels you could continue to go down by 30/50% for / within the next 3/6 months.

It is advisable not to accumulate positions or mediate the same.

Medium-term bullish inversion levels

Bitcoin euro  BTCEUR  

Monthly closing of more than € 5,800

Ethereum euro ETHEUR  

Monthly closing greater than € 196

Litecoin euro LTCEUR   

Monthly closing greater than € 50

Ripple euro XRPEUR   

The medium and long-term graphic structure is bullish

Monthly closing of less than € 0.2150


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