Oscar 2019 forecast, nomination, presenter and date of the 91st night of the Academy Awards

The 2019 Oscars will be awarded on February 24th, here’s everything you need to know about the statuette delivery ceremony

Oscar 2019

The Night of the Oscars 2019 will crown, as usual, those who have distinguished themselves in cinema, not only actors and directors , but also technicians, singers and anyone participating in the making of a film , including animation. The Oscar Awards 2019 will be awarded on February 24 , but before arriving at the date of the ceremony of delivery of the statuettes there are many steps to go that will lead us to go from favorites, based on what we saw at Cannes Film Festival and at the Festival de Cinema of Venice, for example, to candidates in Nomination and then to the winnersreal. Of course, the Oscars 2019 will crown the dream of some and will inevitably disappoint others, but the thrill of that magical night will be unique in any case.

Oscar 2019 date

  • Monday 7 January 2019 – Opening of the Nomination vote
  • Monday 14 January 2019 – Closure of the Nomination vote
  • Tuesday 22nd January 2019 – Announcement of the Nominations
  • Monday 4 February 2019 – Nomination candidates’ lunch
  • Tuesday 12 February 2019 – Opening of final votes
  • Tuesday, February 19, 2019 – Closing of final votes
  • Sunday 24 February 2019 – Oscar Awards Ceremony

Dogman Film Italiano Oscar 2019

It is ANICA, at the invitation of the Academy, to choose the film that will go to the Oscars from a series of films that must be proposed by registering with t ANICA, composed of experts and workers in the sector, then votes the film to be awarded to the Oscars.

Oscar 2019 Nomination

Nomination rhymes with five , generally in fact every category for which there is the Oscar Award , from Best Actor to Best Actress, from Best Director to Best Actor and Supporting Actress , provides that the challenge is reduced to only 5 candidates , all present at night of the ceremony , but of course only one will receive the prize. 

The exception, however, is the Best Film category for which the Nominations are instead 10, after all it is considered the one with the best Director . The announcement of the Nominations at the 2019 Oscars this year is January 22ndand it will most likely happen with a live link where categories and candidates will gradually be revealed during different slots . The moment of the Nomination is so important because it is from there that they take bets and speculations about who the winners will be and, let’s face it, it’s a lot of fun to be a winner !

Best Popular Film Oscar 2019: new category

Big news: at the Oscars 2019 we will have a new category! Best popular film , this is the temporary name given to it.  Is the category that the Academy has decided to add to those already existing to give space to titles loved by the general public that rarely (read: never) receive a statuette (and maybe it was also right things were left like that, but so be it). It is assumed that in the next months we will have more precise news.   And that we will know something more about IT.

Oscar 2019 Forecast

Who will win the Oscar 2019? Forecasts it’s really very early, but we can make some small wagers. After the success of the last year of the horror sui generis Get Out we might expect to see the awards A quiet place by John Krasinski , but especially Suspiria by Luca Guadagnino , who rewrote the classic horror of Dario Argento and called to play it Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton. We return to talk about Oscar for another actor of Guadagnino, the protagonist of Chiamami with your name Thimotée Chalamet that we find in the movie Beautiful Boy next to Steve Carrell, also the latter on the way of the statue.

Oscar 2019 presenter

The last two years Oscar has gone to Jimmy Kimmel.   And it would be really strange that the ABC television network broadcasting the ceremony would confirm it for a third term. In its place this year was chosen Kevin Hart , who beat other big favorites like Ricky Gervais. Kevin Hart is a comedian and a very successful actor.  Who hopefully manages to make us smile during the evening of February 24, 2019.  Between a statuette and another. However Hart himself has renounced the conduction after a “scandal” linked to homophobic tweets

The golden book of the Oscar awards

What were the most incredible and exciting victories of the Oscars? Starting from the victory of Benigni.  Through the incredible awarding of the film Moonlight and without forgetting Paolo Sorrentino and La grande bellezza.  Here are the ceremonies to remember and the winners who have not given us a simple thank-you speech, but something more.

How the Oscar ceremony works

The Oscar ceremony is actually quite short. It begins with an introduction by the presenter who generally makes some sketches.   And then continues with a continuous alternation of other presenters. Often winners of past years but not only. Called to announce the five and then to proclaim the winners . The latter give themselves a speech which, however, is always very short. The speeches can be simple thanks. But they can also have a political connotation.  Something that has often happened during the course of the history of the award. During the Oscar ceremony there are also musical performances, often candidates for Best Song.

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